S of N Syllabus

“The Science of NASCAR”

Charlotte Teachers Institute

Spring, Summer, and Fall 2012

Dr. Peter Thomas Tkacik

Office: 103 Motorsports Research Building, 704-687-8114

Email: ptkacik@uncc.edu

Text: “The Physics of NASCAR” by Diandra Leslie-Pelecky


Class calendar

Date, time, book chapter reading assignment, and topic

1.      Thursday, April 26, 5:15-8:30pm: Fellows Orientation & 1st Seminar Meeting (UNC Charlotte Center City)

2.      Tuesday, May 1: Campus Connection (UNC Charlotte) Race shop tour

3.      Thursday, May 10, 5:15-8:00pm: 2nd Seminar Meeting Ch.s 1&2 Metals and welding

4.      Thursday, May 17, 5:15-8:00pm: 3rd Seminar Meeting Ch.s 3&4 Combustion

*Thursday, June 14: No meeting – Fellows submit prospectuses to seminar leader by email

5.      *August 13th-17th: No Dinner or Seminar Meeting; Fellows meet 1:1 with Seminar Leader

6.      Thursday, 21 June, 10:00 am -5:00pm Concord Motor Speedway optional track day with UNC Charlotte NASCAR race car.

7.      Thursday, Sept. 20, 5:15-8:00pm: 4th Seminar Meeting Ch. 5 Power train

8.      Thursday, Sept. 27, 5:15-8:00pm: 5th Seminar Meeting (1st draft of CU due) Ch. 6 Wind tunnels

9.      Thursday, Oct. 4, 5:15-8:00pm: 6th Seminar Meeting Ch. 7 Drafting

10.  Thursday, Oct. 11, 5:15-8:00pm: 7th Seminar Meeting Ch. 8 Track banking

11.  Thursday, Oct. 18, 5:15-8:00pm: 8th Seminar Meeting Ch. 9 Noise and sound

12.  *Thursday, Oct. 25: No Seminar Meeting; Fellows meet 1:1 with Seminar Leader

13.  Thursday, Nov. 1, 5:15-8:00pm: 9th Seminar Meeting (2nd draft of CU due)

14.  Thursday, Nov. 8, 5:15-8:00pm: 10th Seminar Meeting Ch. 10 Tires

15.  Thursday, Nov. 15, 5:15-8:00pm: 11th Seminar Meeting Ch.s 11&12 Shocks and springs

*Monday, Nov. 26: No meeting; Final CU due to Seminar Leader by email

16.  Thursday, Nov. 29, 5:15-8:00pm: 12th Seminar Meeting Ch.s 13 to 18 Safety

*Tuesday, Dec. 4: No meeting: Fellows Questionnaire due online

17.  Tuesday, Dec. 11, 5:15-7:30 pm: Fellows Finale Celebration (Bechtler Museum of Modern Art)