Virtual Engineering Graduate Program (VECTER)

What is Virtual Engineering?

Virtual Engineering (VE) is an engineering design decision process primarily driven by analyses carried out in the virtual digital world using computer simulations instead of physical tests. For example, virtual simulations played a primary role in the design process of Boeing Dreamliner 787 or Airbus A380.

Why VE and Why for Veterans?

  • Develop technical expertise in a highly sought-after discipline.
  • Apply service and combat related experience with education to drive research to improve future military missions.
  • Retrain yourself in an area of low physical impact in an exciting engineering career and providing service to the nation.
  • Translate your service, training, and experience to new military and civilian engineering applications. Military veterans, especially those who need a low physical impact career.

Who Can Apply?

  • Veterans with undergraduate degree in Mechanical, Materials, Civil, and Aerospace Engineering.
  • Any veterans with other STEM disciplines should see application information.

How do I apply?

  • To apply, simply follow the instructions on the UNC Charlotte Graduate School application portal to submit your application for admission into the UNC Charlotte Graduate Program. Once your application has been completed, contact Dr. Mesbah Uddin at with confirmation of your application submission.

This program is supported by the Office of Naval Research grant #N00014-18-S-F003
(Retooling Veterans with Service- and Combat-Connected Disabilities in Advanced Virtual Engineering).