Accuracy is Assured

Calibration Protocols

1. Annual calibration is performed on all electronic load cells for Fz (tire load), Fy (lateral force), Mz (self aligning moment), and Mx (overturning moment).
2. Force and moment interaction (e.g. Aligning moment influence on lateral force) is compensated for in the annual calibration.
3. A reference air pressure gauge is used to set tire pressure on a precision air regulator. Tire pressure can be capped or regulated (recommended).
4. Electronic “Shunt Resistors” are used to assure electronic calibration before every tire test.
5. A control tire test is run every day to assure friction stability.
6. A 1,000 kg calibration weight is lifted by the hub to verify mechanical calibration stability twice a day.


Airbags and dead weights are used to generate the high forces and moments on the wheel force load cells. Calibration is is done against traceable reference load cells and dead weights.


The solid steel metric ton dead weight used for calibration checks is located under the carriage.