The M-15 History

1. MICHELIN of Cleremont Ferrand, France, designed a cornering force machine ‘In-House’ in the early 1970’s called the M-15 (Moyeu Quinz or “Hub Number 15”).
2. In 1977, the M-15 was delivered to MICHELIN RESEARCH (MARC) in Greenville, SC. The M-15 was designed to reside in a two story concrete test cell with the 150hp DC drive in the basement.
3. In the 1980’s, Peter Tkacik was a young test engineer at MARC, and responsible for test results and calibration protocols of the M-15.
4. In 2017, the carriage and 8.5m road wheel was given to (now Dr. Peter Tkacik at) UNC Charlotte.
5. Under the guidance of Professor Tkacik, the M-15 has been restored, with a frame designed and built by the great engineering students at UNC Charlotte.
6. The machine now sports modern electronics with fully electronic load and steer control. In Hot Rod parlance, think of it as a “Resto-Mod”.


A Watercolor of the M-15 from memory circa 1985 by Peter Tkacik

The Road Wheel in storage waiting to be transported to the UNC Charlotte Motorsports Research Laboratory.

Delivery of the M-15 Road Wheel to the UNC Charlotte Motorsports Research Laboratory.

Road Wheel and Carriage placed on main frame

Power Panels being installed and construction of the mezzanine.

The M-15 circa 2019.