Getting Started – Internal Users

Please consult your advisor prior to discussing your analytical needs with a technical staff member. Your advisor should be aware of your interest in and plans to use the facility. If needed, MCL technical staff members can provide a cost estimate prior to beginning a project.



Training is available by appointment throughout the year. Please consult the MCL Manager if you wish to know instrument-specific training details, timing, and costs.



The MCL Academic Rate Table is available upon request by contacting the MCL Manager.


Supplemental Costs

Experiments requiring LN2 or specialized compressed gases have an additional cost. Sample preparation and all related expenses (DSC crucibles, Rheology melt rings, etc.) are the responsibility of the user. Consumables are available at cost.


A financial responsibility statement must be signed by the appropriate researcher and principle investigator or program director before time will be scheduled on a user-operated basis. Charges will be assessed for repair to or replacement of equipment damaged due to negligence on the part of a user.


For detailed information regarding training, access or other concerns contact:

Katherine D. Weaver, PhD

Materials Characterization Laboratory Manager

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

9201 University City Blvd.

Cameron Hall 272

Charlotte, North Carolina 28223-0001, USA

Phone: 704-687-0299