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Research Authorship and Collaboration: If MCL scientists or staff conceive, design, and/or perform data analysis and interpretation of data which result in publication, then those staff should be included in the preparation of manuscripts, and provide final approval prior to publication. For other experimental contributions that do not warrant authorship, we ask that acknowledgement be made within the publication, and that reprints or reference details be provided for publications resulting from data generated in this laboratory.



The MCL is a staffed analytical laboratory that offers access to academic users at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Please consult you advisor prior to contacting the manager of the MCL for your analytical needs. Your advisor should be aware of your interest in using the services provided in this lab.



Testing Services: The MCL is a fee-for-service facility established to provide rheology and thermal analysis support to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, other non-profit research organizations, and industry in the Charlotte region. The MCL provides routine testing services outside the authorship standard, and uses previously recognized testing protocols to generate simple data sets where no in depth analysis is required.



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